Section 26-30. Use of diving and treatment tables

Diving and stops during diving must be facilitated and carried out in accordance with recognised diving and treatment tables for safe diving.
Diving must be performed within the bottom time restrictions described in the following table:
Bottom time restrictions for diving with surface decompression (OD-O2 ) and decompression in water, as well as for TUP (Transfer Under Pressure) decompression
Depth (meters) 0-1215 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51
OD-O2 and in water (min)2401801209070605040353030252520
TUP (min)24024018018018013011095857565605550
A dive computer may only be used as an extra safety tool, and on the condition that the diving supervisor checks the diver's time and depth and makes sure the ascent and any decompression stops are within the guidelines stipulated in the diving table.
Diving according to a multilevel table must not take place unless the employer has ensured:
  1. a.
    that quality assurance is also provided using a dive computer (RGBM, Bühlmann or Thalmann algorithm) where the diving is interrupted if the multilevel table and the dive computer do not permit a direct ascent to the surface at any time,
  2. b.
    continuous digital depth monitoring at the surface,
  3. c.
    digital logging of the pressure-time profile and
  4. d.
    digital logging of the time remaining before a decompression dive.
During recreational dive training and recreational dive guiding, diving tables and a dive computer may be used that complies with recognised European standards for training recreational divers.