Section 21-5. Plans for the work

Plans shall be in place before the excavation of trenches or shafts deeper than 1.25 m. The risk assessment made pursuant to Section 21-1 shall form the basis of the plan.
The plan shall be readily available in the workplace and shall be kept as long as necessary for the safety of the employees. The plan shall be updated if there are changes that may be of significance to the safety of the employees.
The plan shall:
  1. a.
    show the longitudinal profile with a description of soil types down to 1 m below the excavation level and installations in the ground;
  2. b.
    Show a typical cross-section. When shoring (bracing) is planned, this shall be indicated on the drawing;
  3. c.
    Show where the excavated material is to be placed;
  4. d.
    Contain work instructions that ensure the excavation work is carried out in a way so that the employees’ health and safety are safeguarded in a fully responsible manner.
In case of minor jobs and in emergencies, the plans can be simplified to a diagram.