Section 25-10. Requirements for filling plant

Compressed air systems for filling breathing air shall have:
  1. a.
    necessary filters and accessories,
  2. b.
    a pressure gauge for checking the filling pressure,
  3. c.
    a safety valve, and
  4. d.
    a pressure limitation valve (pressure control choke) for each outlet with different filling pressures, if the safety valve is not equipped with this function.
The compressor's safety valve can function as the safety valve for the highest filling pressure if the valve is set to that pressure.
The filling panel with accessories shall provide a clear overview to avoid incorrect operation.
The filling pressure gauge shall have a range of no more than twice the maximum filling pressure.
The safety valve for the outlet shall be adjusted and sealed to a maximum of 15% above the filling pressure stamped on the cylinder.
The pressure limitation valve shall be set so that the cylinder pressure at 15 °C does not exceed the filling pressure stamped on the cylinder.