Section 10-14. Risk in connection with moving parts

If there is a possibility that employees can be injured as a result of physical contact with moving parts of the work equipment, the work equipment shall be equipped with protective guards or devices to prevent access to the danger zones or to stop the movement of the dangerous parts before access to the danger zones is granted.
Protective devices must:
  1. a.
    have a robust structure;
  2. b.
    not give rise to any additional risk;
  3. c.
    not be easy to move or render inoperative;
  4. d.
    be located at an adequate distance from the danger zone;
  5. e.
    not unnecessarily restrict the view of the work equipment's work operation;
  6. f.
    not obstruct necessary work such as installation, replacement of parts and maintenance. Access shall be limited to the area where such work is to be carried out and, if possible, not involve the removal of protective guards or devices.