Section 4-3. Permission from the Labour Inspection Authority to work with asbestos

Undertakings carrying out demolition, repair and maintenance work on asbestos-containing materials must have permission from the Labour Inspection Authority.
The application for such permission shall include information about:
  1. a.
    how the work will be organised,
  2. b.
    which methods will be used,
  3. c.
    which protective measures will be implemented,
  4. d.
    training of employees,
  5. e.
    medical examinations of the employees, and
  6. f.
    the undertaking's experience of this kind of work.
The instructions provided in Section 4-6 shall be enclosed with the application.
Before the application is sent to the Labour Inspection Authority, it shall be submitted for comment to the safety representative(s), working environment committee and health and safety personnel of the undertaking that is to carry out the work.
Should an undertaking that has been granted permission to work with asbestos fail to perform the work safely, or otherwise act in contravention of these regulations, the Labour Inspection Authority may withdraw such permission.