Section 24-7. Instructions and plans for the work

A plan must be in place that includes an overview of the division of tasks, staffing and shift plans based on analyses as stated in Section 24-2.
Tasks shall be clearly defined, and they shall be described and facilitated so that no harm to health arises as a result of, for example:
  • -
    too many or too strenuous tasks;
  • -
    monotonously few or unvaried tasks;
  • -
    an unclear division of labour between employees or between employees and their superiors;
  • -
    unclear deputy functions.
The plan shall also contain instructions and procedures for the operation of the system from the control room. Start-up of the system, normal operation, change of operating conditions, operational disturbances, shutting down and stopping, and maintenance shall be described.
Instructions shall also be available on how the employees can get necessary urgent assistance to handle hazardous situations that may arise.
Instructions shall also be available on special tasks to be performed when accidents occur.