Section 17-24. Use of rope for access, work and rescue

When the employer has assessed the risk and finds it safe, employees may use a rope as means of access and to assume working positions. This is conditional on it being possible to carry out the work in a safe manner and on it being inexpedient to use other, safer equipment.
The employer shall make the following arrangements to ensure the safety of employees in connection with the use of rope:
  1. a.
    the rope system shall include at least two separately anchored ropes. One rope is used as a work rope for access, descent and support, while the other is used as a safety rope to secure the employees. One rope may be used if, following a risk assessment, the employer finds that the use of two ropes would make the work more hazardous. If this is the case, the employer shall implement suitable measures to ensure that the employees are safe,
  2. b.
    the employees shall be provided with and use an appropriate harness, which shall be attached to the safety rope,
  3. c.
    the work rope shall be equipped with a safe means of ascent and descent and a self-locking system to prevent the user from falling,
  4. d.
    the safety rope shall have a mobile fall-prevention system that follows the movements of the user,
  5. e.
    tools and other equipment used by the employees shall be secured to the employees’ harnesses or work seats or by other appropriate means,
  6. f.
    the work shall be carefully planned and supervised so that employees can get immediate assistance in an emergency,
  7. g.
    The employees shall receive necessary training, practice and instruction in the work to be done, particularly in procedures in connection with rescue operations.
If necessary, the rope shall be fitted with a work seat. This shall be considered with particular regard to the duration of the work and the ergonomic strains the employees are exposed to.