Section 20-1. Instructions on high-pressure jetting

The employer shall provide instructions on the safe use of high-pressure jetting equipment.
The instructions shall at least cover the following:
  1. a.
    the nozzle of the jetting device, with or without a liquid jet, must never point towards one's own or somebody else's body during use;
  2. b.
    a device for mechanical control of the jetting device must be used when the estimated recoil force exceeds 250 N;
  3. c.
    the jetting device must be supported against the body if the recoil force of the hand-held jetting device exceeds 150 N;
  4. d.
    the trigger or relief valve must never be tied up or otherwise blocked;
  5. e.
    setting the control valve for working pressure during use shall only be done in consultation with the person operating the jetting device. The same applies to the regulation of the temperature when the liquid is heated;
  6. f.
    when the work is completed, the jetting device shall be placed and stored out of reach of unauthorised personnel.