Section 21-6. Inspection of excavation pits

The employer shall ensure that the necessary inspections are made of the excavation pit before and during the excavation work.
Excavation pits shall be inspected by a competent person before the work on the excavation pit starts.
The inspections shall be carried out in a suitable and professionally sound manner and shall be documented.
While work is in progress in an excavation pit, the pit shall be checked at intervals adapted to the risk conditions. After storms, periods of drought, substantial amounts of rainfall or other conditions that may affect stability, the excavation pit must always be checked before it is put into use. Excavation pits in which no work has been carried out for one week or more shall also be inspected before the work in the excavation pit resumes.
Slopes, shoring, excavated areas, supports, coffer dams and caissons shall be inspected regularly to ensure that the necessary stability and strength are maintained.