Section 20-9. Maintenance, daily and periodic inspection of high-pressure jetting equipment

Repair and replacement of couplings shall only be carried out using special equipment and by competent personnel, preferably the hose supplier or system supplier.
If faults are found on a safety valve, the system shall not be used before the valve or relevant parts have been replaced or repaired.
Repair, adjustment and security sealing may only be performed by the supplier or others having the requisite competence.
Hoses and hose couplings shall be inspected before the equipment is used.
Hoses or couplings that show signs of leakage, significant wear or other damage shall be replaced immediately.
Jetting devices shall be inspected regularly in accordance with the instructions for use.
All available electrical components shall be inspected for possible wear and damage.
The trigger valve shall be checked regularly to ensure that it closes as intended when the trigger or pedal is released.
Safety valves shall be tested regularly.
It must be ensured that the hose working pressures are correctly adjusted concerning the maximum working pressure for the pumping unit.
Jetting devices shall be tested and inspected at least once a year by a person with the requisite knowledge and experience of such systems.