Section 4-4. Notification to the Labour Inspection Authority of work with asbestos

The employer shall notify the Labour Inspection Authority of any work with asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. The notification shall be sent before the work starts. In the case of demolition, repair and maintenance work, the notification shall be sent well in advance and no later than one week before the work starts.
As a minimum, the notification shall supply an overview of:
  1. a.
    where the work site is located;
  2. b.
    the types and quantities of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials that will be used or handled;
  3. c.
    the activities and methods involved in the work;
  4. d.
    the number of employees involved and what training they have received;
  5. e.
    the start-up date and duration of the work;
  6. f.
    measures that will be implemented to limit the employees’ exposure to asbestos.
The form issued by the Directorate of Labour Inspection shall be used.
The employees and their representatives shall have access to the notification.
The employer shall submit a new notification if there is a probability that changes in the working conditions will lead to a material increase in exposure to fibrous asbestos dust.