Section 26-21. Documented safety training – class A diving certificate

The training for a class A diving certificate must provide the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to be able to stay and move safely under water. The training must enable the diver to perform simple and light work under water down to a depth of 30 metres.
The training must cover knowledge of systematic work on health, safety and the environment as well as applicable laws and regulations. Safety training must be provided on the following topics:
  1. a.
    diving theory
  2. b.
    diving physiology
  3. c.
    first aid
  4. d.
    decompression tables
  5. e.
    communication systems
  6. f.
    underwater hazards
  7. g.
    risk assessments
  8. h.
    introduction to the use of hyperbaric chambers
  9. i.
    practical diving
  10. j.
    use of diving equipment
  11. k.
    use of common and simple work equipment
  12. l.
    maintenance and repairs
  13. m.
    surface procedures
  14. n.
    basic diving supervision and
  15. o.
    marking of the dive site.
The training must include scuba diving and surface-supplied diving with air as the breathing gas.
The training must have a duration of at least seven weeks.
A person with a class S diving certificate given pursuant to the regulations of 30 November 1990 no. 944 relating to diving, may be issued with a class A diving certificate following training pursuant to the first and third paragraphs, with a duration of at least four weeks