Section 14-5. Measures against noise

The employer shall implement necessary measures based on the health and safety risks identified in the risk assessment. Among other things, the employer shall ensure that any risk because of noise is eliminated or reduced to the lowest possible level by:
  1. a.
    considering alternative working methods that involve less noise exposure;
  2. b.
    choosing appropriate work equipment to reduce noise to a minimum;
  3. c.
    designing and arranging the workplace and work premises, for example, so that technical devices are assembled, positioned and used so as not to give rise to unnecessary noise;
  4. d.
    technical noise reduction measures to reduce noise transmission through the air, for example by use of screens, encasements and sound absorbents;
  5. e.
    technical noise reduction measures to reduce structural noise and vibrations through balancing, dampening or isolation of sound sources;
  6. f.
    systematic maintenance of work equipment, the workplace and means of noise attenuation;
  7. g.
    arranging the work to limit the exposure time and intensity, with sufficient noise-free rest periods;
  8. h.
    ensuring medical examinations.
The employer shall adapt these measures to take into account employees who may be particularly exposed to accident or health hazards.