Section 16 A-5. Measures to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields

Based on the health and safety risks identified in the risk assessment, the employer shall implement the necessary measures. The employer shall ensure that any risk caused by electromagnetic fields is removed or minimised to the lowest level possible.
In order to reduce exposure, the conducted risk assessment shall serve as the basis for drawing up an action plan containing technical and organisational measures. In particular, the following shall be taken into account:
  1. a.
    alternative working methods,
  2. b.
    choice of expedient work equipment to ensure a minimum of electromagnetic radiation,
  3. c.
    technical devices to reduce electromagnetic radiation, including the use of shielding, encasement etc.
  4. d.
    systematic maintenance of work equipment, the workplace and work premises,
  5. e.
    design and layout of workplaces and work premises,
  6. f.
    limitation of the duration of exposure,
  7. g.
    the availability of proper personal protective equipment,
  8. h.
    user manuals from equipment manufacturers,
  9. i.
    suitable restriction and access measures,
  10. j.
    procedures to handle spark discharges and contact currents using technical tools and employee training,
  11. k.
    specific measures directed at employees belonging to particularly sensitive risk groups,
  12. l.
    implementation of medical examinations in accordance with Section 16 A-7.
The employer shall adapt these measures to suit employees who may be particularly exposed to accident and health hazards.