Section 4-11. Medical examination of employees exposed to fibrous asbestos dust

The employer shall ensure that employees who can be or have been exposed to fibrous asbestos dust while working for the employer undergo suitable medical examinations of the lungs and respiratory organs.
Such medical examinations shall be carried out before the employees are assigned work in which they can be exposed to fibrous asbestos dust. The medical examination shall include an X-ray examination of the lungs. Further medical examinations shall be carried out at least every three years. The medical practitioner decides whether more frequent medical examinations are necessary and the content of such examinations based on the employees’ health condition and the level and duration of exposure.
On termination of the employment relationship, the medical practitioner will decide whether there is a need for further medical examinations. If further follow-up is needed, the employees shall be informed about this in writing.
Any costs of medical examinations of employees not covered by the National Insurance scheme shall be covered by the employer.