Section 16 A-1. Risk assessment of health risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields

The employer shall ascertain and document to what extent employees are exposed to electromagnetic fields and assess any health and safety risks associated with electromagnetic fields. Such exposure assessment, calculations or measurement shall be included in the risk assessment.
The risk assessment shall pay particular attention to:
  1. a.
    the level, frequency range and exposure time in connection with electromagnetic fields,
  2. b.
    action and limit values for exposure laid down in Section 4-3 of the Regulations concerning Action and Limit Values,
  3. c.
    information from manufacturers of electromagnetic radiation sources and related work equipment,
  4. d.
    any effects on the health and safety of employees belonging to particularly sensitive risk groups,
  5. e.
    any direct biophysical effects,
  6. f.
    indirect effects,
  7. g.
    accessibility of alternative equipment constructed to reduce the exposure level to electromagnetic fields,
  8. h.
    relevant information from medical examinations and other publicly available information,
  9. i.
    exposure to electromagnetic fields from several sources and,
  10. j.
    coexposure to fields with multiple frequencies.