Section 4-5. Training in work with asbestos

The employer may only assign work with asbestos and asbestos-containing materials to employees who have received special training.
Such training shall be given by competent persons.
The instructions given shall be easy to understand and provide the employees with the necessary know-how and skills in preventive and safety work, particularly as regards:
  1. a.
    the properties and health effects of asbestos, including the risk of combining smoking and asbestos exposure;
  2. b.
    the types of products and materials that can be assumed to contain asbestos;
  3. c.
    work that can involve exposure to asbestos and the importance of preventive control measures to reduce exposure;
  4. d.
    the limit value in Section 5-1 of the Regulations concerning Action and Limit Values, cf. Annex I, and the need for control measurements of the air;
  5. e.
    safe working methods, safe control measures, safe working equipment and safe protective equipment;
  6. f.
    the purpose and the correct choice of respiratory protection, the limitations of such respiratory protection and how to use it correctly;
  7. g.
    emergency procedures;
  8. h.
    procedure for complete cleaning;
  9. i.
    waste handling;
  10. j.
    the requirement for medical examinations under Section 4-11.
The training shall include practical exercises.
The training shall be adapted to the work to be carried out. It shall be given regularly and when necessary, as a consequence of developments in technology.
The employer shall bear the costs of the training.
The employee representatives shall be informed about the content of the training.