Section 6-11. Medical examination of employees who may be exposed to biological agents

If the risk assessment shows that an employee may be exposed to hazardous biological agents in such a way that measures over and above the ordinary hygienic safety measures are necessary, the employee shall undergo a proper medical examination.
The medical examination shall provide the basis for preventive measures in the undertaking or measures to reduce the risk of harm to the employee's health because of work with biological agents.
The proper medical examination shall be carried out before the employee may be exposed to biological agents and at regular intervals thereafter. A medical practitioner shall decide the frequency and content of examinations based on the nature, level and duration of the exposure, and based on the employee's health condition.
If an employee is found to suffer from an infection and/or disease that may be due to exposure to a biological agent in the working environment, the employer shall offer proper medical examinations to other employees who have been similarly exposed.