Section 27-9. Measures against air pollution

The employer shall ensure that adequate measures are put in place where substances associated with a health and safety risk can be emitted into the air. These measures shall:
  1. a.
    remove or collect the pollutants at the source, or
  2. b.
    dilute the pollutants to a level at which they do not put employees at risk.
The ventilation system shall be designed and operated so that it ensures satisfactory air quality in areas that are worked in or occupied. The ventilation parameters shall be measured and recorded regularly.
In places where operational preparations, demolition work or other work is carried out under special operational circumstances that prevent the installation of satisfactory permanent ventilation, special measures shall be taken to safeguard the employees’ health and safety, for example by installing temporary ventilation.
The employees shall be instructed as necessary about measures to avoid exposure to air pollution.
Maintenance shall include the removal of any potentially harmful deposits and impurities from ventilation installations.