Section 10-2. Requirement for documented safety training when using work equipment

Anyone who is to use work equipment as stated in Sections 10-1 and 10-3 shall receive practical and theoretical training in its structure and operation, properties during use and area of use, as well as maintenance and inspection. The training shall impart knowledge about the requirements for safe use and operation provided for in regulations and user manuals.
Documentation shall be issued that practical and theoretical training has been provided in accordance with these regulations.
Documentation of practical and theoretical training shall be available to the safety representatives and be presented to the authorities on request.
The employer may only assign work with the work equipment in question to employers who have received training in the appropriate area.
The requirement for documented training does not apply to demonstration and testing in connection with repairs.
Nationals of other EEA states and Switzerland must apply to the Labour Inspection Authority for permission to use work equipment as stated in Section 10-3.