Section 3-25. Medical examinations in connection with work with lead and lead compounds

Employees who are to work with lead and lead compounds shall undergo medical examinations before they are assigned such work.
The medical examination shall include a clinical examination and measurement of the blood lead level.
The blood lead level shall be measured every three months.
If three consecutive quarterly examinations show values of less than 0.5 μmol/l for women of fertile age, or of less than 1.0 μmol/l for other employees, the blood lead level may be checked once a year for as long as the exposure level and working conditions remain unchanged.
If the employee's blood lead level is so high that relocation is necessary, cf. Section 3-22, the employee shall be examined by a medical practitioner. Medical examinations shall also be carried out of employees if they are exposed to lead concentrations in air that exceed the limit values set out in Section 5-1 of the Regulations relating to Action and Limit Values as regards work atmosphere pollution, as well as Section 5-2 as regards Biological Limit Values.
Employees who have been granted an exemption under Section 1-5 shall undergo regular medical examinations, at least every three years for as long as the exemption is valid.