Chapter 26. Health and safety during work under water or under increased ambient pressure

Section 26-1. Planning and risk assessment of diving operations Section 26-2. Safety procedures Section 26-3. Emergency response Section 26-4. Work instructions Section 26-5. The diving medical physician's participation Section 26-6. Requirements for equipment for safe diving Section 26-7. Notification of decompression diving Section 26-8. Requirements of the notification Section 26-9. Requirement for obtaining consent for test diving Section 26-10. Content of application for consent for test diving Section 26-11. Requirements for diving certificate and medical certificate Section 26-12. Basic qualification requirements Section 26-13. Qualification requirements for diving supervisors Section 26-14. Qualification requirements for divers Section 26-15. Qualification requirements for standby divers Section 26-16. Qualification requirements for line attendants Section 26-17. Qualification requirements for diving instructors Section 26-18. Qualification requirements for diving instructors for recreational diving Section 26-19. Professional competence Section 26-20. Rescue diving and search for persons presumed dead Section 26-21. Documented safety training – class A diving certificate Section 26-22. Documented safety training – class B diving certificate Section 26-23. Documented safety training for diving supervisors Section 26-24. Requirements for nationals of another EEA country or Switzerland who intend to set up business in Norway Section 26-25. Requirements for nationals of another EEA country or Switzerland who intend to work temporarily in Norway Section 26-26. Requirements for nationals of countries outside the EEA and Switzerland Section 26-27. Proper staffing and crew size Section 26-28. The duties of the diving supervisor, standby diver and line attendant Section 26-29. Monitoring diving operations Section 26-30. Use of diving and treatment tables Section 26-31. Hyperbaric chambers Section 26-32. Communication, communication systems and lifeline Section 26-33. Reserve breathing gas and buoyancy compensator Section 26-34. Logging of diving operations Section 26-35. Documentation Section 26-36. Requirements of the diving equipment Section 26-37. Requirements for umbilical and lifeline Section 26-38. Requirements relating to diving panels Section 26-39. Requirements for communication equipment Section 26-40. Requirements for hyperbaric chambers Section 26-41. Requirements for regular maintenance, inspection and cleaning Section 26-42. Requirement to follow user instructions Section 26-43. Health requirements Section 26-44. Treatment of decompression sickness Section 26-45. Requirement for first aid equipment Section 26-46. Principal undertaking Section 26-47. Duty to notify