Section 17-10. Report from inspection of scaffolding

The employer shall ensure that a report is prepared after the inspection of the scaffolding. The report shall, as a minimum, contain the following:
  1. a.
    information about who performs the inspection and his or her employer,
  2. b.
    the owner of the scaffolding,
  3. c.
    information of any deficiencies and the deadline for rectifying them,
  4. d.
    technical information and
  5. e.
    signature of the executing inspector.
If any deficiencies are discovered that may pose a risk to the users of the scaffolding, the person responsible for the inspection shall ensure that a sign is put up to warn the users of this. In addition, physical barriers shall be erected to prevent access to the scaffolding.
The report shall be available to all employers and employees who will use the scaffolding, including the employee representatives, as well as the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.