Section 21-1. Risk assessment of excavation work

Before excavation work is initiated, the employer shall map and document conditions that may pose a risk to the employees’ safety. The employer shall make a risk assessment based on the mapping.
A new risk assessment shall be made if there are changes in conditions that may affect the employees’ safety.
The risk assessment shall take particular account of:
  1. a.
    ground conditions and terrain
  2. b.
    the depth of the excavation pit
  3. c.
    weather conditions
  4. d.
    the load on the ground from surrounding buildings or structures, storage locations, work equipment and similar
  5. e.
    the location of excavated materials
  6. f.
    traffic conditions at the excavation site
  7. g.
    the location and use of work equipment and materials
  8. h.
    the need for shoring
  9. i.
    installations in the ground
  10. j.
    chemical and biological health hazards
  11. k.
    falling objects
  12. l.
    risk of falling
  13. m.
    ergonomic conditions
  14. n.
    the need for evacuation and escape routes.