Section 26-22. Documented safety training – class B diving certificate

The training for a class B diving certificate shall be based on class A. It shall provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to be able to dive and work at depths down to 50 metres safely and securely. The safety training shall cover the following:
  1. a.
    the risks that diving down to 50 metres can entail,
  2. b.
    physical and medical preconditions,
  3. c.
    surface-supplied diving,
  4. d.
    progression diving down to 50 metres,
  5. e.
    complications in connection with diving,
  6. f.
    use of a hyperbaric chamber,
  7. g.
    use of wet bell,
  8. h.
    use of a warm-water wet suit,
  9. i.
    operational conditions,
  10. j.
    diving equipment,
  11. k.
    common types of work equipment,
  12. l.
    common types of breathing gas, and
  13. m.
    diving supervision.
The training shall have a duration of at least 9 weeks.