Section 27-3. Organisation of rock work

The workstations shall be designed, constructed, equipped, put into operation, used and maintained so that the employees can carry out their tasks without jeopardising their own or other employees’ health and safety.
The workstations must be kept in good order and hazardous substances or deposits removed or controlled in order not to endanger the employees’ health and safety.
The workstations shall be designed and constructed in accordance with ergonomic principles, at the same time an account must be taken of the need for employees to follow the work operations taking place at their workstations.
In all workplaces, the activities shall be supervised by the employer, or a person appointed by the employer. This person must have the competence required to exercise the supervisory function.
In all workplaces, there must be a sufficient number of employees with the requisite skills, experience and training to perform the tasks assigned to them.
Workstations for underground rock work shall be constructed, operated and equipped and maintained so that employees can work and move in them with a minimum risk
Galleries/drifts shall be signposted so that it is easy for the employees to find their way around.
Work involving a special risk and work that can give rise to serious risk in combination with other activities shall only be carried out by employees who are specifically authorised by the employer and who have specialised skills in that particular area. Such authorisation shall specify the conditions to be met and the precautions to be taken before, during and after completing the work.