Section 27-20. Mines and quarries with a gas hazard

Mines and quarries shall be deemed to pose a gas hazard where it cannot be precluded that firedamp will accumulate in a volume that can form a potentially explosive atmosphere.
Measures shall be taken to identify areas of risk, protect employees on production sites that are being extended towards or into such areas, and gain control of the risk.
While work is in progress, an account shall be taken of possible firedamp emissions. Measures shall be taken to remove any risks associated with firedamp as far as possible.
Ventilation measurements as stated in Section 27-9 shall be supplemented by firedamp measurements.
Firedamp levels shall be continuously checked in discharged air flows in places where the construction and extraction are mechanised and at excavation faces etc. where one is dependent on mechanical ventilation.
Only explosives and initiating devices that are designed for use in mines susceptible to firedamp may be used.
Employees shall be protected in areas where a sudden release of gas can occur, with or without entrainment of broken minerals or rock, rock bursts or water inflow.