Section 17-18. Anchoring of scaffolding

Scaffolding that is not designed to stand freely or be suspended, shall be anchored by fastening or tying the scaffold to a rigid structure or the ground. Scaffolds shall have sufficient anchor points to secure them against overturning or breaking away.
The fastening devices for the anchor ties shall be suitable for the material of which the supporting structure is made.
The anchor ties shall be dimensioned according to expected wind forces at the site, both transverse and longitudinal. If anchoring devices have not been described in the assembly instructions, they shall be calculated. The calculations shall be documented together with documentation confirming that the construction to which the scaffolding is anchored, can withstand the total expected load.
The anchor ties shall be fastened to the posts or the frames as close to tying points with the horizontal bearers as possible.
The anchoring devices shall be able to absorb both tensile forces and compression.
A row of anchoring devices shall normally be installed at the level of the uppermost runners.
Anchoring devices shall be tested by applying a load that is 20% higher than the load for which they are designed.