Section 31-3. Register of employees exposed to biological agents

The employer shall keep a register of employees who are or have been exposed to biological agents in infection risk group 3 or 4 and biological factors with the D notation, see Section 6-1 of the Regulations concerning Action and Limit Values. The register shall include the employees’ name, national ID number and the type of work that has been performed and, if possible, the biological factor to which the employees have been exposed. The register shall also contain information about exposures in connection with any accidents or incidents.
The register shall be stored for at least 10 years after the exposure has ceased.
In the following cases, the register shall be stored for up to 40 years following the last known exposure that could potentially cause infection:
  1. a.
    by biological agents known to be capable of giving rise to persistent or latent infections;
  2. b.
    that, in the light of present knowledge, are undiagnosable until illness develops many years later;
  3. c.
    that have particularly long incubation periods before illness develops;
  4. d.
    that result in illnesses that recrudesce at times over a long period despite treatment; or
  5. e.
    that may have serious long-term sequelae.
The register of exposed employees shall be placed at the disposal of the Labour Inspection Authority if the undertaking is discontinued.