Section 27-6. Supervision and communication

In order to protect the employees from danger while they are carrying out their tasks, the workplace shall be supervised by the employer or persons appointed by the employer. Such supervision may only be carried out by persons who have the necessary skills and competence.
When required in the HSE plan, manned workstations shall be visited by an inspector at least once during each shift.
The employer shall take necessary measures to put in place alarm systems and other means of communication as necessary in order to initiate immediate assistance, evacuation and rescue operations should the need arise.
When a workstation is manned by a single employee, it must be ensured that the employee can keep in contact by telecommunication. In cases where the means of communication are not sufficient to safeguard the employees’ health and safety, manned workstations shall be inspected at least once every two hours.
A system must be in place to make it possible to keep records of employees who are deployed underground at any time and where they are likely to be.