Section 17-2. Training requirements relating to erection, removal, alteration and inspection of scaffolding when the top deck height of the scaffolding is from two to five metres

The employer shall ensure training for employees who will perform erection, removal, alteration and inspection of system scaffolds where the scaffold top deck height is from two metres and erected as standard and in accordance with the supplier's erection instructions.
The training requirement also applies to the erection, removal, alteration and inspection of rolling scaffolds from two metres.
The training shall take into account any elements of risk associated with the work and shall pay particular attention to:
  1. a.
    understanding the instructions for the erection, removal or alteration of the type of scaffolding in question,
  2. b.
    safety during the erection, removal or alteration of the type of scaffolding in question,
  3. c.
    measures to reduce the risk of falling for persons and objects,
  4. d.
    assessment of the condition of the scaffolding material to remove any unsafe scaffolding material, e.g. rot, corrosion and cracks,
  5. e.
    safety measures in the case of any changes in weather that may have a negative impact on the safety of the type of scaffolding in question,
  6. f.
    permitted loads,
  7. g.
    inspection of scaffolding and
  8. h.
    all other risks which may arise during the said erection, removal or alteration.
Before an employee is assigned independent work involving erection, removal, alteration and inspection, the employer shall ensure that the employee has had 7.5 hours of theoretical training and 7.5 hours of practical training under the supervision and guidance of a qualified person. The employer shall also ensure that the employee receives training in the use of relevant safety equipment to protect against falls during the erection, removal and alteration of scaffolding constructions, including the use of personal protective equipment (fall arrest equipment).
An employee who has completed such training according to this provision is considered a qualified person for scaffolding with a top scaffold deck height of up to five metres.
Documentation shall be issued confirming that such practical and theoretical training has been given in accordance with this provision. The safety representative and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority shall have access to the documentation of the practical and theoretical training.