Section 19-5. Risks associated with self-propelled work equipment

Self-propelled work equipment that can put employees at risk when moving shall meet the following requirements:
  1. a.
    It must have facilities for preventing an unauthorised start-up.
  2. b.
    It must have appropriate facilities for minimising the consequences of a collision, where there is more than one item of track-mounted work equipment in motion at the same time.
  3. c.
    There must be a device for braking and stopping the equipment. Where required on grounds of safety, emergency facilities operated by readily accessible controls or automatic systems must be available to enable braking and stopping in the event of failure of the main facility.
  4. d.
    Where the driver's direct field of vision is inadequate to ensure the safety of the employees, appropriate auxiliary devices shall be installed to ensure proper visibility.
  5. e.
    Work equipment designed to be used at night or in dark places shall be fitted with lighting appropriate to the work to be carried out.
  6. f.
    Work equipment that can constitute a fire hazard, either on its own or concerning the load being towed or carried, and that is liable to endanger employees, must be equipped with appropriate fire-extinguishing equipment unless such equipment is within reach at the site where the equipment is being used.
  7. g.
    Remote-controlled work equipment shall stop automatically as soon as it leaves the control range.
  8. h.
    Remote-controlled work equipment that, under normal operating conditions, can put employees at risk of being run over or crushed, must have facilities to guard against this risk unless other suitable devices are in place to prevent the risk of being run over or crushed.
Mobile work equipment with a combustion engine may not be used in work areas unless a sufficient fresh air supply can be secured to prevent harm to the employees’ life and health.