Section 17-21. Use of ladders

Ladders shall be positioned so that they remain steady during use.
Ladders shall be used so that the employees always have a safe hold and firm footing. Employees shall keep a secure hold of any objects they need to carry while standing on the ladder.
Portable ladders shall rest on a stable, sound and firm footing so that the rungs remain horizontal during use. Suspended ladders shall be securely fastened and, except for rope ladders, fastened so that they cannot be displaced and so that swinging is prevented.
Insofar as it is practical, ladders shall also be fastened at the top or otherwise secured.
Leaning ladders shall always be secured before use.
Ladders shall be secured against slipping and falling sideways or coming away from the structure.
Ladders and extension ladders consisting of several sections shall be used so that the various sections cannot be displaced in relation to each other.
Mobile ladders shall be secured before use.