Section 28-5. Precautions in connection with the installation of carbon dioxide systems

In connection with the installation of carbon dioxide systems, necessary measures shall be taken to ensure that the installation can be carried out in a completely safe manner.
Before starting work on the release mechanism and connection between the manifold and the individual cylinders
  1. a.
    the cylinders must be in place and properly fastened. Only one protective cylinder valve cap may be removed at any one time, should this be necessary for alignment purposes;
  2. b.
    installation of the carbon dioxide piping must be completed;
  3. c.
    other work in the carbon dioxide room must be completed;
  4. d.
    installation of the release cabinet with valves and locking facilities must be completed,
  5. e.
    the door to the carbon dioxide room must be fitted with a lock;
  6. f.
    the main valves’ ‘open’ and ‘closed’ position indicators must be checked by the work supervisor;
  7. g.
    the main valves must be set to the ‘closed’ position and locked.
The protective cylinder valve caps shall remain in place on the cylinders until the work mentioned in the first and second paragraphs has been completed and work on adjusting pull cords etc. and on making up the connection between the cylinders and manifold is about to start.
Starting cylinders and release mechanisms must not be connected until the piping between the main valves and the cylinders has been tested for leakages.
Only those involved in the work shall have access to the carbon dioxide room while the release mechanism is being adjusted. The door to the carbon dioxide room shall always be locked when the room is unoccupied.