Section 17-1. Risk assessment and requirements relating to work at height

In connection with planning and performance of work at height, the employer shall assess the risk to ensure that the work can be carried out safely.
The risk assessment shall pay particular attention to the following:
  1. a.
    the height at which the work shall be carried out, including the risk that a person or objects can fall,
  2. b.
    factors of importance for the choice of fall protection measures, including the nature and duration of the work, type of supporting surface, risk of landslides, etc.,
  3. c.
    loads applied to the work equipment or work platform,
  4. d.
    ergonomic conditions,
  5. e.
    access routes and evacuation options,
  6. f.
    traffic conditions,
  7. g.
    weather conditions and,
  8. h.
    other hazards in the workplace in question