Section 14-8. Measures against mechanical vibrations where action values are exceeded

If the action values for mechanical vibrations are exceeded, the employer shall implement technical and organisational measures based on the health and safety risks identified in the risk assessment, by:
  1. a.
    considering alternative working methods that involve less exposure to vibrations;
  2. b.
    choosing proper work equipment of good ergonomic design concerning the work to be carried out, to reduce exposure to vibrations;
  3. c.
    designing and adapting the workplace and the work to be carried out;
  4. d.
    ensuring that the employees have access to additional equipment or technical aids that reduce the risk of harm from vibrations;
  5. e.
    systematic maintenance of work equipment and the workplace;
  6. f.
    limiting the exposure time and intensity;
  7. g.
    having expedient work schedules and sufficient rest periods;
  8. h.
    providing work clothes for employees exposed to dampness and cold.
The employer shall adapt these measures to take into account employees who may be particularly exposed to accident or health hazards.