Section 24-5. Design of information systems and control devices

The employer shall facilitate the work and position the equipment in accordance with the results of the analyses described in Sections 24-2 and 24-4 and having regard to ergonomic conditions.
Information shall be easily understandable and be based on the uniform use of symbols and colour codes. The information system shall be designed so that the user can retrieve necessary information at all times for the tasks that need to be performed under different operating conditions.
Information systems shall be dimensioned for both normal and critical situations.
The design and choice of information systems, including control devices and information sensors, shall be based on the need for efficient operation and for reducing the risk of incorrect operation.
Control devices and information sensors shall be designed and placed in a logical setting to reduce the risk of incorrect operation. The employee must always have a good overview and not have to spend an unnecessary amount of time on necessary work operations.