Everyone is entitled to at least 25 working days holiday each year. From 60 years of age, you are entitled to one additional week.

Working days are weekdays including Saturdays. Sundays and public holidays are not regarded as working days. Normally, six working days correspond to one week. The employee is thus entitled to four weeks and one day’s holiday each calendar year.

Setting up holiday lists

In good time before the holiday, employers are to discuss the fixing of holiday dates and setting up of holiday lists with each individual employee or his representative.

If the employee and the employer fail to agree, the employer shall have the final word. However, the employee is entitled to three weeks continuous holiday during the main holiday period from 1 June until 30 September.

The employee may as a general rule demand to know when he or she is to take holiday at the latest two months before the holiday is to be taken.

Sick during your holiday?

If you are sick during the holiday, you may claim a corresponding number of days off later in the year. Such a claim must be supported by a medical certificate and be submitted as soon as possible after return to work. 

Holiday and temporary redundancy

During a temporary redundancy, holiday is taken as normal and does not count as redundancy time. This means that the Norwegian Holidays Act also applies when an employee has been temporarily laid off. Within the provisions of the Holidays Act, an employee may be directed to take a holiday during a temporary redundancy. When taking a holiday, an employee will be entitled to holiday pay accrued in the previous year.