Section 4-7. Measures to reduce exposure to fibrous asbestos dust

The exposure of employees to fibrous asbestos dust shall be reduced to a minimum, particularly using the following measures:
  1. a.
    the number of employees who are or can be exposed to fibrous asbestos dust shall be limited to a minimum;
  2. b.
    asbestos and asbestos-containing materials shall be handled separately from other activities;
  3. c.
    the work processes shall be designed to prevent the formation of asbestos dust or, if this is impossible, be designed to prevent agitation and dispersion of the asbestos dust. In connection with the indoor handling of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials, negative pressure zones shall be established, if necessary, in order to prevent the spread of asbestos dust to the surrounding. The establishment of negative pressure shall be documented;
  4. d.
    where local exhaust ventilation is used, the exhaust air shall not be returned to the work premises but cleaned and discharged to the open air. The exhaust air from a mobile vacuum cleaner used to absorb fibrous asbestos dust may be returned, however, provided that the air is cleaned so that at least 99.99% of the asbestos dust is removed;
  5. e.
    regular and effective cleaning and maintenance must be possible of all premises and all equipment used in handling asbestos;
  6. f.
    asbestos and asbestos-containing materials that emit asbestos dust shall be stored and transported in suitable closed packaging that is sufficiently protected against crushing, tearing etc.;
  7. g.
    asbestos waste shall be collected and removed from the workplace immediately in suitable closed packaging and stored in closed lockable containers. This does not apply to natural rock materials that contain asbestos. The packaging and container shall be clearly marked with the following text: ‘Inneholder asbest. Innånding av støv fra dette materialet kan forårsake kreft. Bruk egnet verneutstyr’ (‘Contains asbestos. Inhalation of dust from this material can cause cancer. Use suitable protective equipment’). Such waste shall then be handled in accordance with Chapter 11 of the Regulations of 1 June 2004 No 930 relating to the recovery and treatment of waste (the Waste Regulations).