Section 4-13. Protective clothing and respiratory protection

The employer shall ensure that the employees use protective coveralls with hoods and approved respiratory protection equipment.
The protective clothing shall be made of dust-repelling material and be without pockets etc.
Used protective clothing shall be removed before leaving the work site. Protective clothing and work clothes must not be taken home.
The employer shall ensure that protective clothing is kept in a dedicated room, separate from private clothing and work clothes. The room shall be marked in accordance with Section 4-8.
Protective clothing of the disposable type shall be replaced after every work session.
Protective clothing of the non-disposable type and respiratory protection equipment shall be cleaned after every work session.
The employer shall see to the washing of protective clothing and work clothes. Protective clothing must not be washed together with other clothes.
Used protective clothing shall be placed in dedicated plastic bags marked
«Forurenset av asbest» («Contaminated with asbestos»)

before being sent to a laundering facility that is equipped for the purpose.