Section 10-8. Control devices and control systems

Control devices shall be clearly visible, identifiable and user-friendly, have logical movement and not put unnecessary strain on the user.
Where necessary, control devices shall be appropriately marked.
Control devices shall be placed outside the danger zone unless for special reasons these must be placed inside that zone. There must be no risk involved in operating the controls.
Work equipment that regularly requires work movements into the danger zone shall only be operated by persons who have received special instruction in how it can be operated without entailing a risk to life and health.
There must be no risk associated with faults in or unintended movement of control devices.
The operator must have a clear view of the danger zone to ensure that it is unoccupied. Where this is not possible, an audible or visible warning sign must be automatically released before every start.
Exposed employees shall have the time and opportunity to avoid any risks associated with starting or stopping work equipment.
The control systems must be safe and designed so that failure, fault, unintentional movement or impact does not lead to risks.