Section 10-23. Requirements for computer equipment

The use of computer equipment shall not pose a risk to employees.
The characters on the screen shall be well-defined and clearly formed, of adequate size and with adequate spacing between the characters and lines.
The image on the screen must be stable, with no flickering or other forms of instability.
The brightness and contrast between the characters and the background must be easy to regulate and change by the operator, and equally easy to adjust to the ambient conditions.
Free and easy adjustment of the screen to the user's needs must be possible.
The screen shall be free of reflection and glare liable to cause discomfort to the user.
The document holder must be steady, adjustable and placed to minimise uncomfortable head and eye movements.
The computer keyboard shall be at the lowest possible height and should be tiltable. It must be separate from the screen so that the employee can adopt a comfortable posture without suffering fatigue in the arms or hands.
There must be sufficient space in front of the keyboard to provide support for the forearms and hands of the operator.
The keyboard must have a matt surface to avoid reflective glare.
The arrangement of the keyboard and the characteristics of the keys shall be such as to ease the use of the keyboard.
The symbols on the keys must be sufficiently contrasted and legible when viewed from the normal working position.