Contract of employment

All employees must have a written contract of employment. This applies to all types of employment, both permanent and temporary appointments. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Contents of the contract of employment

The contract of employment shall contain information on matters of major importance for the employment, and shall at least provide information on the following:

  • Name of the employee and the employer (identity of the parties).
  • The workplace. If there is no permanent workplace or main workplace, the contract of employment shall state that the employee works at different locations, and shall state the business address or, if appropriate, the home address of the employer.
  • A description of the work, or the employee’s title, post or category of work.
  • The date of commencement of the employment.
  • The expected duration if the employment is temporary, and the basis for the temporary employment.
  • Any provisions relating to a trial period of employment.
  • The employee’s entitlement to holiday and holiday pay, and the rules for fixing of dates for holidays.
  • The employee’s and the employer’s terms of notice.
  • The pay rate that applies or has been agreed on commencement of the employment, any supplements and other emoluments that are not part of the salary, e.g. pension contributions and allowances for meals or accommodation, the method of payment and payment intervals for salary payments.
  • Duration and disposition of the agreed daily and weekly working hours.
  • Length of breaks.
  • Agreement concerning a special working-hour arrangement pursuant to the provisions concerning reduced working hours, flexible working hours, etc.
  • Information concerning any collective agreements that regulate the employment. If an agreement has been concluded by parties outside the undertaking, the contract of employment shall state the identities of the parties to the collective pay agreements.


  • You can avoid many conflicts if you have a clear contract of employment as early as possible.
  • It is the employer who is responsible for preparing a written contract of employment.

Supplementary information

Arbeidstilsynet (the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority) has prepared a standard contract of employment that covers the statutory requirements. This is available in several languages.

Links to standard contracts of employment in different languages

What can Arbeidstilsynet assist with?

Please note that Arbeidstilsynet can guide you on the requirements in the legislation, but cannot take a specific position on the legality of a specific written employment contract.

Arbeidstilsynet may also require an employer to draw up a contract of employment that meets the legal requirements.