Section 22-6. Special rules on the use of signals

The employer shall ensure that:
  1. a.
    the person giving the signals, hereinafter called the signaller, uses arm and hand movements to give manoeuvring instructions to the person receiving the signals, hereinafter called the operator;
  2. b.
    the signaller can monitor all manoeuvres with his/her eyes without thereby putting him/herself at risk;
  3. c.
    if the conditions described in b) above cannot be met, one or more additional signallers are deployed;
  4. d.
    the signaller's tasks consist exclusively of giving instructions in connection with the manoeuvring, and of attending to the safety of employees in the vicinity;
  5. e.
    the operator interrupts the manoeuvre being carried out and asks for new instructions if it proves impossible to carry out the order with the necessary degree of safety.