Section 3-8. Measures against risks caused by chemicals

The employer shall ensure that health and safety risks caused by chemicals are eliminated or reduced to a completely safe level by:
  1. a.
    designing and adapting the workplace and the work to be carried out;
  2. b.
    making available suitable equipment for the execution of the work, including equipment for repairs, maintenance and cleaning;
  3. c.
    limiting the number of employees being exposed to chemicals to a minimum;
  4. d.
    limiting the level and duration of exposure to a minimum;
  5. e.
    limiting the number of chemicals in the workplace to the amount that is necessary for the work in question;
  6. f.
    implementing proper hygiene and cleaning measures.
If these measures are not sufficient, the employer shall ensure that the risk is eliminated or reduced to a completely safe level by implementing the following measures, listed in order of priority:
  1. a.
    designing proper work processes and procedures for technical control, and using appropriate equipment and materials;
  2. b.
    implementing collective protective measures at the source of the risk, including ventilation;
  3. c.
    implementing personal protective measures and distributing personal protective equipment if the exposure cannot be avoided by other means.