Section 3-1. Risk assessment of health hazards associated with the use and handling of chemicals

The employer shall map and document the presence of chemicals, including fibrous asbestos dust, and assess any risk relating to the health and safety of employees that may be associated with these chemicals.
The risk assessment shall pay particular attention to the following:
  1. a.
    the hazardous properties of the chemicals,
  2. b.
    the supplier's information about health, environmental and safety risks,
  3. c.
    the conditions in the workplace where the chemicals are present,
  4. d.
    the number of chemicals and how they are used,
  5. e.
    whether the work processes and the work equipment are appropriate,
  6. f.
    the expected number of exposed employees,
  7. g.
    the type, level, duration, frequency and routes of exposure,
  8. h.
    limit values,
  9. i.
    the effect of implemented and planned preventive measures,
  10. j.
    the conclusions of completed health surveys, and
  11. k.
    injuries, diseases, work accidents and near accidents.
Further information must be obtained, as necessary.
A new risk assessment shall be conducted for every temporary workplace.