Section 31-1. Register of employees exposed to carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals and lead

The employer shall ensure that a register is kept of:
  1. a.
    employees who are or may be exposed to carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals classified as Carc. 1A, Carc. 1B, Muta. 1A or Muta. 1B under the Regulations of 16 June 2012 No 622 on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP).
  2. b.
    employees who are or may be exposed to substances, mixtures or processes on the following list:
    • -
      work involving the production of auramine,
    • -
      work involving exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) which occur in soot, tar or pitch,
    • -
      work involving exposure to dust, fumes or mist emitted during calcination and electrolytic processing of nickel from ore,
    • -
      work that involves highly acidic processes to produce 2-propanol,
    • -
      work that entails exposure to hardwood dust,
    as well as substances or mixtures released during such processes.
  3. c.
    employees who work with lead and lead compounds.
The register shall include the individual employee's name, national ID number, position and workplace, and information about which hazardous chemicals the employee is exposed to, how and in what concentrations the exposure takes place, and the time and duration of the exposure. The register shall not contain any other information.
The information about individual employees shall be stored for at least 60 years after the exposure has ceased. The register shall not be destroyed in whole or in part except with permission from the Labour Inspection Authority.