Section 26-10. Content of application for consent for test diving

The application shall contain the following information:
  1. a.
    specification of the purpose of the diving operation;
  2. b.
    information about the activities that the applicant wishes to carry out;
  3. c.
    specification of the dive site;
  4. d.
    specification of when the diving operation is to be carried out;
  5. e.
    mapping of hazards and assessment of risk, and plans and measures to reduce the risk factors;
  6. f.
    a description of procedures to be established to ensure that the diving operation is carried out in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  7. g.
    a description of the employee's qualifications and the equipment to be used to ensure the safe execution of the test diving operation;
  8. h.
    documentation of valid medical certificates for persons who will be deployed under water or under increased ambient pressure;
  9. i.
    declaration from the employer that those participating in the diving operation have the requisite competence;
  10. j.
    documentation that contact has been established with an approved diving medical physician who will be on standby during the diving operation;
  11. k.
    statement on the application from the safety representative or, if the undertaking does not have a safety representative, an employee representative;
  12. l.
    a declaration from the employer that necessary first aid equipment will be available;
  13. m.
    a declaration from the employer that all equipment to be used during the diving operation has been checked before the diving operation. The inspection must be documented in writing;
  14. n.
    emergency response plan for potential hazard and accident situations;
  15. o.
    a complete overview of any exemption applications of relevance to the diving operation;
  16. p.
    approval from the Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics.