Section 6-2. Duties of safety representatives

(1) The safety representative shall safeguard the interests of employees in matters relating to the working environment. The safety representative shall ensure that the undertaking is arranged and maintained and that the work is performed in such a manner that the safety, health and welfare of the employees are safeguarded in accordance with the provisions of this Act.
(2) The safety representative shall particularly ensure:
  1. a.
    that employees are not exposed to hazards from machines, technical installations, chemical substances and work processes,
  2. b.
    that safety devices and personal protective equipment are provided in adequate numbers, that they are readily accessible and in proper condition,
  3. c.
    that the employees receive the necessary instruction, practice and training,
  4. d.
    that work is otherwise arranged in such a way that the employees can properly perform the work regarding health and safety,
  5. e.
    that notifications concerning occupational accidents, etc. are made, pursuant to section 5-2.
(3) As soon as a safety representative learns of circumstances that may result in accidents and health hazards, the safety representative shall immediately notify the employees at the location, and if the safety representative is unable to avert the danger himself, he shall bring the matter to the attention of the employer or the employer's representative. When so notified, the employer shall give the safety representative a reply. If no action has been taken within a reasonable space of time, the safety representative shall notify the Labour Inspection Authority or the working environment committee.
(4) The safety representative shall be consulted during the planning and implementation of measures of significance for the working environment within the representative's safety area, including establishment, exercise and maintenance of the undertaking's systematic health, environment and safety work, cf. section 3-1.
(5) The safety representative shall be informed of all occupational diseases, occupational accidents and near accidents in his or her area, of reports and measurements relating to occupational health and of any faults or defects detected.
(6) The safety representative shall familiarise himself with current safety rules, instructions, orders and recommendations issued by the Labour Inspection Authority or the employer.
(7) The safety representative shall participate in inspections of the undertaking by the Labour Inspection Authority.
(8) The Ministry may by regulation issue further provisions concerning the activities of the safety representatives and concerning the representatives' duty of secrecy. Such provisions may provide that the safety representative shall perform tasks assigned to the working environment committee pursuant to section 7-2 when the undertaking has no such committee. The authority to make decisions pursuant to section 7-2, fourth paragraph, third sentence, and section 7-2, fifth paragraph, may not be vested in the safety representative.