Section 15-4. Formal requirements regarding notice of dismissal

(1) Notice shall be given in writing.
(2) Notice given by an employer shall be delivered to the employee in person or be forwarded by registered mail to the address given by the employee. The notice shall be deemed to have been given when it is received by the employee. The notice shall inform of
  1. a.
    the employee's right to demand negotiations and to institute legal proceedings,
  2. b.
    the employee's right to remain in his post pursuant to the provisions of sections 17-3, 17-4 and 15-11,
  3. c.
    the time limits applicable for requesting negotiations, instituting legal proceedings and remaining in a post, and
  4. d.
    the name of the employer and the appropriate defendant in the event of legal proceedings.

If the employee has been dismissed owing to circumstances relating to the undertaking, the notice shall also contain information concerning preferential rights pursuant to section 14-2.

(3) If the employee so demands, the employer shall state the circumstances claimed as grounds for dismissal. The employee may demand that such information be given in writing.